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We take responsibility!
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Hanseatisches Logistik Kontor GmbH is an owner-operated medium-sized enterprise based in Bremerhaven.

Thanks to our status as an independent private company, we can cultivate a special corporate culture which puts its stamp on our actions.
We feel ourselves bound to hanseatic virtues and traditions, fill them with new life every day and present our services to you in a modern guise, adapted to today's demands and the needs of the global economy.

Our core competences as a maritime logistics service provider are maritime freight and automobile logistics. Apart from these, of course, we also have a broad range of other logistics services on offer for you.        

Profit from our well-founded expertise and many years of experience in logistics. Let us take the load off of you so you can concentrate on your daily business without any unnecessary stress.

Our goal is not merely a fast deal, but a long-term partnership.